April 3, 2016
10 Amazing Windows Shortcut Keys You’ve Probably Never Heard Before!
April 16, 2016

Post Blank Status or Comment on Facebook!

Hello again everyone! Well, I’m writing a little bit much facebook tricks these days, though I wonder why. However let’s cut that off and begin. The crap that I’m gonna dictate to you today is a facebook trick to post blank status or comments (not bad, eh!). Updating a blank status may sometimes help you to get more likes than a normal boring quotation. Here we go.

Updating Blank Status:

To update a blank status,
1. Log In to Your Account.
2. In the Status Update box type (hey don’t be lazy, type it!) — @[0:0: ]and then post it.

Post Blank Status 1

You copy-pasted it, huh? I knew you’re gonna do it. :- However, you’re done. The much likes you get, the much friends you recommend our site, okay? After you are done it should look like,

Post Blank Status 2

Posting Blank Comments

Posting a blank comment is pretty much the same as creating a blank file or folder in windows. If you missed that article, catch it now —

How to Create a Blank File Name?

Okay, so to post a blank comment all you have to do is press the ALTkey, hold it, and type 0,1,7,3 without those commas (ALT+0173). Remember, do not release the alt key while typing. Now leave all the keys and press enter. Yayyy! You just posted a blank comment. After everything it should look like:

Post Blank Status 3

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