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Best Hacking Website To Learn Ethical Hacking:

Hacking not appears to be so popular and very difficult to learn but hacking is very interesting and always very attractive. You also really surprised to know how many people want to become a hacker. They read great book, attend seminar, training etc. to learn “How To Become A Hacker!” However, some other people think that hacking is not legal, this is not always true.

Hacking is not wholly illegal. Basically, there are two types of hacker:first is black-hat hacker and second is white-hat hacker or ethical computer hacker.To learn hacking, you need to have a sharp mind. Hacking can be utilized for enhancing or breaching the security.

So, if you are thinking to become a black-hat hacker, it’s completely illegal and you may face many problems. However, if you are thinking of becoming a white-hat hacker then it is a good idea and a bright and respectful future is waiting for you.