Pokemon Go servers ‘HACKED by PoodleCorp’ Using DDoS attack

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July 9, 2016
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Pokemon Go servers ‘HACKED by PoodleCorp’ Using DDoS attack

Millions of people are crazy about Pokémon Go, but on Saturday users across the US and Europe found difficulty in logging into their account.

A hacking group, known as PoodleCorp,  has claimed responsibility on Twitter for taking down the Pokémon Go servers using a DDOS attack. This is the same group that claimed responsibility for a series of hacks on YouTube personalities’.

This morning the app got stuck on the loading screen for at least 10 minutes and were problems logging into account.

According to the Independent, the group used a DDOS attack, which floods the server with so many requests it cannot cope.

Thousands of people took to Twitter this afternoon to complain about the game freezing and refusing to log in.

There is 86%  increase in share price of Nintendo in a week.

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